Portland Hood Cleaning Pros Review Three Great Barbecue Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

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Portland Oregon Restaurant PhotoPodnah’s Pit Barbecue in Northeast Portland was opened in late 2006 by Rodney Muirhead.  Rodney got his start as a pit master when he partnered with another entrepreneur and opened L.O.W. BBQ.  L.O.W. BBQ was pit-on-trailer that allowed them to travel across the country to enter contests.

When he landed in Portland, Rodney knew we never wanted to leave.  After working in local restaurants, he decided it was time to live his dream.  When he opened Podnah’s Pit Barbecue he wanted to bring Texas style barbecue to the people in Portland.

His commitment to excellence has him starting each day at five in the morning to get the meat smoking.  He and his staff prepare the food daily and are open for lunch until the meat runs out.

They slow smoke their meat using only one hundred percent oak hardwood.   You won’t see gas assistance, charcoal or electric devices when they are cooking the meat.  No wonder they have a strong five and one-half star rating with over one thousand two hundred online reviews.

Russel Street Bar-B-Que is located in Northeast Portland located, you guessed it, on Russel Street.  They just opened a second location on Belmont Street which offers counter service for those on the go while their Russel Street location offers a full-service restaurant.Portland OR Restaurant

Owners Chef Diane Santucci and Sharon Senter Santucci both grew up in the kitchen.  Chef Diane and her mom would watch Julia Child on television making her simple creations.  In her early culinary career, Chef Diane worked for a seafood restaurant and a high-end deli and other restaurants.  This helped her hone her cooking skills that she uses to this day.

Growing up in East Texas, Sharon’s Grandfather taught her how to grow a wide variety of food.  Exposing her to food preservation, her Grandmother taught her all about picking, peeling and packing.  After moving to Seattle, Sharon honed her management skills working for Schwartz Brothers Company.

The success of Russell Street Bar-B-Que can be contributed to not only them but their staff.  The environment is upbeat and growth-focused.  It is not wonder they have over a four-star rating on the web with almost seven hundred comments.

Portland OR Restaurant MediaBark City BBQ is the masterpiece of pit master and owner, Michael Keskin.  Raised in Virginia he had his first exposure to barbecue in Washington D.C.  He had a dream of touring all around the United States eating barbecue from all walks of life.  After he graduated from high school he did just that.

When he got to Portland he did not look back.  Falling in love with the city, he began honing his skills in award winning restaurants and chef driven kitchens.  It was eighteen years before he opened his Bark City BBQ where it serves people daily at the Food Cart Square in Central Eastside Portland.

While he only has forty-five internet reviews, but they give him an almost five-star rating.  His dedication and commitment to barbecue has patrons coming back time and time again.

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