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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a fire marshall's request. Or you might have a request from your insurance company to prove that you're getting your restaurant hood cleaning regularly. Or you might simply find that it's time to replace a hood cleaning company that's not meeting your needs. In any case - we'd like to earn your business and make sure that your business is being taken care of.

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Reviews for Hood Cleaning Company

We have a small restaurant that prides itself in good Customer Relations and of course great food.  Portland Hood Cleaning Pros has the same philosophy and they keep our hoods clean so we can keep serving our customers.

Robert Elliott
Restuarant Owner

Reviews for Hood Cleaning Company

Our assisted living facility cooks three meals a day for our residents.  We found Portland Hood Cleaning Pros online and had them come out to clean our sixteen foot hood.  They were professional, treated our residents with respect and did an awesome job as well!

Cynthia Reeder
Assisted Living Kitchen Manager

Reviews for Hood Cleaning Company

I have a food truck that needed to have the hood professionally cleaned.  I called Portland Hood Cleaning Pros and they were able to work around my schedule and location.  I would definitely recommend them to my peers.

Roxanne Shade
Food Truck Restuarant Owner

Reviews for Hood Cleaning Company

Great company . . . easy to work with . . . do the job right every time.

Ken McCalister
Restuarant Owner

Reviews for Hood Cleaning Company

I was having a meeting with a fellow restauranteur and complained about the sloppy my hood cleaning company always does.  He recommended I call Portland Hood Cleaning Pros and I cannot thank him enough.  They did a fantastic job.

Debbie Nicholas
Restuarant Owner

Learn more about Portland Hood Cleaning Available for Auburn Hood Cleaning too.

Hey there, Restaurant Owner from Portland Maine, Welcome to our website. Scroll to learn more about our business plus how we can make all your - cleaning - dreams come true.  But first, a quick intro.

Portland Hood Cleaning Pros.

My name is Michael, but everyone calls me Mike. I’m an entrepreneur currently living in Portland with my amazing wife and two beautiful daughters.

I have always been passionate about helping businesses bolster their image. I started small rising through the ranks to become a company head to eventually founding my own hood cleaning venture.

It’s been over fifteen years since I started servicing restaurant hoods and exhaust systems in Auburn ME. The quality of my work has earned me several industry awards along the way getting featured by multiple news stations. As a matter of fact my company, Portland Hood Cleaning has achieved the highly coveted – perfect A+ rating.

I bet your thinking, all that sounds great but is the service your company offering a good fit for my restaurant? Absolutely…

Here’s Why You Should Work With Portland Hood Cleaning Pros

Let’s put it like this, it is tough to find a reliable cleaning company. The best ones are too expensive while the others… well let’s just say their service is subpar; hidden fees, broken promises, poor service and basically no-shows are some of the things you should never deal with.

But where do you go to you find the perfect balance? An affordable price for great services.

Why not try Auburn Hood Cleaning? Through our many years of service, we have had the pleasure of working with several types of businesses, both big and small from family-owned businesses to huge corporations. In this period, we have gathered all the necessary resources and experience to ensure each job handed to us is completed on time, at an affordable cost, without interrupting your ongoing business and most importantly without bother. Feel free to have a look at our (100% customer satisfaction) testimonials.

Our Consultation Process.

At Portland Hood Cleaning Pros our customers always come first, that’s why immediately you express interest, one of our team members will take time to physically come and meet you at your restaurant. At the first meeting, our representative will explore and discuss various aspects regarding your business plus any requirements and unique specifications you may have.

Depending on the complexity of the proposal, our representative may also communicate pricing based on the specifications provided and give you an accurate price estimate. Details such as project duration will also be discussed. You can also check our About page.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQ section.


What does Portland Maine Hood Cleaning Pros do exactly?

We primarily focus on the cleaning and servicing of restaurant hoods in Auburn and exhaust systems. We also offer more restaurant-related cleaning services which include removal of grease and grime from buildings using pressure washing, cleaning of building entrances, carpets, and loading dock maintenance.

Which areas do you serve in Portland?

We serve at Auburn and all of Portland, 24/7. If however, you’re located in an area further than Portland and would still like to work with us, please give us a call or visit our contact us page. We can work something out.

There are many types of restaurants. Are there any specific ones you work with?

Our current portfolio is made up of clients from every restaurant segment, but many fast food chains, this is because the volume of customers they receive is high therefore the premises usually gather a lot of greases very quickly. However, we do and will clean every type of restaurant, diner or kitchen.

How much will your services cost me?

Over 15 years in the restaurant cleaning business has taught us that every project is unique, every client we have worked with has come up with different requirements to get the job done and it is because of this reason that we do not offer any fixed pricing models.
To give you a hint though, All our rates are calculated by the hour and depend on the amount and complexity of work involved. Don’t worry though ‘Expensive’ is not a word people use to describe us.

How will you safeguard me as a client? Is there a guarantee included?

All the members of our team in hood cleaning Auburn are super passionate about their work, we give everything to the task awarded to us, it only takes a minute to have a look at all our testimonials to understand just why all our previous clients loved us. We believe in our end product so much we don’t believe you’ll need a guarantee written. However, you may contact us if this proves not to be sufficient.
We’ll also give you a conclusive report of all the stuff that needs to be cleaned or replaced so that when the inspector comes, there’s no doubt you will pass the test.

Let’s say I’m interested. How can we get started?

First off, we’d love to have you. The quickest way to get the ball rolling is by giving us a call at (207) 420-8890 so we can arrange a FREE CONSULTATION (here’s a number you can use – or just hit this button). Please note: We are available on call even at the oddest hours.
Just in case calling is not the best option for you, we have a form right here, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you real soon.


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Thanks for getting this far. The best hood cleaning company in Auburn is waiting to make your cleaning dreams come true. Hope to hear from you soon.

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